The Locarno Film Festival has arrived once again!!!

It is hard not to get lost in the enthusiam of the Locarno Film Festival when one sees the making of the tents in “La rotonda,” the village at the round about of Locarno.  One can hear shouts, laughs, the sound of hard work despite the heat and the baking sun.  I love it; the town is once again, alive!


“La rotonda,” the village of the film festival.



“Piazza Grande,” the big open cinema!

Things aren’t just happening at the big round-about.  The Locarno film festival also transforms our already beautiful town’s square, the “piazza grande,” into a massive movie theather!!  We see movies under the stars…what more magic can there be?

Well, there is plenty of magic to around, you’d be surprised:  this year’s guide is full of activities prepared by local galleries, museums, and the like.  We, culture enthuthiasts, prepare our own spaces to wow the masses!

I won’t lag behind.  This year, at my studio, I exhibit the work-in-progress of 12 talented Asconese students; hours of manual work dedicated to make a puppet show where the viewer can understand the importance of Ticino in the life of a well known artist in 1900’s:  Marianne Werefkin.

The exhibition consists of 15 puppets, behind the scenes photographs of our fun memories, a short cartoon film, and the opportunity to play with the puppets themselves!


It is a fun activity for the big, and small in you!  You can find me at my studio in Contrada Maggiore 6, Ascona, from the 8th to the 12th of August, 09:00 – 11:30.  Can’t wait to meet YOU!!!

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