And the door opened and I was happy to see familiar faces…I was at my second home, the house of good friends. You know, the kind of friends who become family.

Doors: we all pass through them every day of our lives. They are barriers we pass through to enter work, home, a place to talk to our God. They protect us. They keep our privacy. Yet, we open and close them without finding their purpose fascinating! I blame this on the fact that most doors are too plain to admire; too plain for us to give a thought about them.

Here in the Middle East, I have found doors that come in all shape and sizes…more sizes than shapes, in fact. I’ve passed some really tiny ones, and some so tall I feel very small!

It’s almost hard to ignore them, the Arabian doors. I look at them with amazement, these art pieces that hide behind them human life, human history, and a place for us to rest our tired souls and bodies.

Carmen Perdomo

Arabic writings…

Carmen Perdomo

A door that frame was once decorated by sea shells..

Carmen Perdomo

A door that once was…

carmen Perdomo

Doors to find God…

carmen Perdomo

Doors that lead to peaceful places…

Carmen Perdomo

The aged door…engaged 😅

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