I’m giving away an original painting!

“Piazza” is a painting I entered for the competition Pittori in Piazza, back in July of this year. I am giving it away to the person who becomes a fan in my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=581398005234811&set=a.354880761219871.76338.146951642012785&type=1&theater) and then invites the most fans into this site (presses likes and tells me he/she is your friend).  It’s that easy!

There are a few good runners and the competition is heated! So far, a lady from Ascona is winning the race! I give it away at end of this month.  You have about 2 weeks to catch up so I hope you join in!

Carmen Perdomo.

Piazza, Ascona.

Piazza, Ascona.